Performance – Dance, Music, Poetry, Multi-Media Productions & Sculpture

Daniel’s performances, which combine dance and music, are in themselves healing experiences. Well known for his ability to channel healing energy, and a performer for over 40 years, he has performed in a variety of venues for adults and children. Click here for an article here about one of Daniel’s music and dance performances at Austin City Hall, where he received a commendation from the Mayor, and here for an article about Daniel’s tree sculpture work. Visit the Video page to view more of Daniel’s performance work. Contact Daniel to be added to his mailing list, and visit the Events page for upcoming events.

Healing – Reiki & Earth Culture, Group Ceremony

Daniel offers individual healing sessions using a variety of techniques, including: Reiki Attunements, Mano Poderosa (the self-healing laying of hands), Limpia, and Divine Light Meditation. Contact Daniel for more information, and to schedule a healing session.

In addition to individual healing, Daniel does group healing ceremonies. He brings ancient and modern rituals together to create a healing vortex through a participatory event of movement, sound, music and poetry, known as the Circle Gathering Uniting Earth, Sky and You. For the Mystic Well, Daniel uses a Chladni plate to create healing through sound and vibration. Contact Daniel for more information, and to schedule a healing ceremony for your group.

Teaching – Workshops on Healing, Movement, Meditation & Yoga

Daniel offers Earth Culture-oriented workshops for groups on techniques such as: Movement Meditation, Divine Light Meditation, Medicine Shield Presentation, and Mano Poderosa (the self-healing laying of hands). He offers individual sessions onComprehensive Dance Technique. Contact Daniel for more information.

Daniel  has over 40 years of experience as an integral hatha yoga practitioner, and over 30 years of experience in classical and modern dance, which has given him a unique perspective on movement and body awareness that he brings into teaching yoga classes.  Contact Daniel for more information, and to schedule a yoga course for yourself or a group.