Earth Culture Dancer Daniel Llanes is an Austin based performance artist and arts educator, specializing in dance, music & poetry.  A prolific writer, choreographer and composer, his original offerings are produced live in a variety of venues ranging from one man shows and exhibits to ensemble, multi disciplinary productions.

A truly Renaissance Artist, in his 18th year as a Cultural Contractor with the City of Austin he not only produces and performs original and innovative performance art work in a variety of professional, community and educational venues, he is also a photographer who has been exhibiting a collection of macro photography of flowers available in “The Flower Book”, and a sculptor who carves figures out of trees and currently is learning to build with Aircrete.

As an arts educator, Daniel works with all ages, ranging from Pre-K to university level students. In 2004 he was awarded a Webber Foundation grant, which created “Learning & Living with Mother Earth”, a comprehensive Arts Environmental Awareness program utilizing poetry, music and dance.

Mr. Llanes is also a practitioner of traditional Aztec folk medicine, Reiki and laying of hands. He is also a Hatha yoga instructer, a father and a community organizer who uses his art to inspire people to appreciate life, one another and to find the fun in life each and every day.

As a community organizer, Mr. Llanes is the Chair of River Bluff Neighborhood Association and is a member of the Austin Neighborhoods Council Executive Committee. He is a PODERista, an active member of the Raza Roundtable and the Undoing Racism Austin Collective.

Mr. Llanes was declared “Activist of the Year” by NOKOA newspaper in 1991, and in 2007 was one of the first in Austin to receive the Cesar Chavez “Si se Puede” Award.

August 6th, 2015 was proclaimed by the Mayor of Austin to be “Daniel Llanes Day” in appreciation of his prolific artistic contribution to Austin’s vibrant art and cultural scene.


Contact Daniel by email: dllanesrbATearthlinkDOTnet

Contact Daniel by phone: fiveonetwo-fourthreeone-ninesixsixfive

Daniel’s studio is based in East Austin.